Boldy Grown Farm Team Members standing in their fields.

The Farm

Our story

Boldly Grown Farm is a family-owned, certified organic mixed vegetable farm in Skagit Valley, Washington. We grow and sell year-round, with our primary focus being high-quality fall and winter vegetables for wholesale markets. We also operate a 325-member winter CSA program and a year-round farm stand. We started our farm in 2015 at the Viva Farms incubator. Now located on the property we purchased in Bow, WA in 2021, we grow approximately 35 acres of vegetables plus grains, dry beans, flowers, seed crops and eggs from our pasture-raised chickens.

Boldly Grown Farm is owned and operated by Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg. Amy grew up running around on her grandparents’ farm in Minnesota. Jacob is a Seattle native who grew up enjoying the outdoors. We spent a decade in Vancouver, BC, where we met at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia’s organic farm. We have two little kids and an awesome crew of employees who work with us to grow delicious food for our community!

Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg

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Our products make their way throughout Washington, Oregon, California and beyond.
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Our Production Practices

Boldly Grown Farm is Certified Organic as well as Salmon-Safe Certified. Following organic practices means that we grow our crops without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We use cover cropping and crop rotations to improve soil fertility, build organic matter, and manage diseases. We control pests by providing habitat for beneficial insects, scheduled monitoring, and organic inputs when necessary. Weeds are managed through tractor cultivation and hand weeding.

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Kale fields at Boldly Grown Farm

Specialty Crops



Radicchio holds a special place in our hearts and on our plates. This family of bittersweet Italian greens are a delicious and beautiful crop we love to harvest and enjoy. Starting in the fall, they brighten up winter meals all the way through early spring. Well-suited to the Pacific Northwest, we grow a diversity of colors and textures for both fresh and cooked preparations.

Two hands holding several purple peppers


Although not the easiest crop to grow in the coastal Pacific Northwest, peppers have found an important role on our farm. Starting midsummer through the first frost in the fall, peppers bring color, flavor and heat to our offerings. We grow a wide diversity for fresh eating as well as for drying and fermenting to enjoy year-round!